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Our Biological Studies in the Environmental Behavior of Qualitative & Quantitative Frequency  is design engineered to the Infinite truth of Sacred Geometry… “The Architecture of the Universe.” ARCOTU

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“It is our mission to biologically connect our Multi-Deminsional Universe Life forces to one another… Intelligent Design… Has Always Been the New Paradigm!”  -gjc


FEATURE:  Project ARCOTU creating a New Future for Humanity… 2M2D TomorrowTODAY!

The NEW… SYNCHRONICITY WELLNESS CENTER, North Carolina  “‘Ready to Break Ground!”

This Revolutionary BIOTECTURE Design Build from  the ARCOTU Vision Team of Bio-Design Engineer  Gabriel Cavazos, Sacred Architecture Michael Rice & Sacred Geometry Consultant Charles Gilchrist  managed by Detroit based Bio-Construction Managers CavCon Industries has been in the design phase for several months and could very well establish a NEW PARADIGM in the future of Bio-Environmental, Off-Grid Eco-Sustainability. The Futuristic Innovative Design will breaking ground with a newly formulated Organic Composite materials, Rammed Earth technology and feature a combination of Renewable/ Alternative Energy Resources that will power the Three-Story 6,200 Sq.Ft. combination Living & Whole-Health Services Facility of owners Dr. Daniel Stickler and Dr. Mickra Hamilton who’s practices are currently located in Asheville, NC and West Virginia. (For more information on their service visit:, and Dr.Sticklers NEW Voice America online radio program “Biohacking for Optimal Health” at their site.)

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My studies of Ancient Architectural build methodologies has revealed some of the most fascinating evidence of the use of unified group chant, mantra and ceremonial dance energy procedures. It is consistent with my beliefs about how ancient structures like the great pyramids of Egypt were able to place monolithic stones in place to such great heights void of modern day machinery by the power of conscious mind, and simultaneous group ritual movement. I am convinced that the vibrational sound frequency accomplished by this orientation during the erection phase generates levitation potential.  It is for these reasons I am returning to the ancient practices of spiritual ceremonial practices in developing modernized procedures and techniques in the erection of many of our Rammed Earth/ Organic Composite build-outs in North Carolina and around the globe. CLICK to WATCH VIDEO

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ARCOTU Bio Design Engineering a division of CavCon Industries, is proud to be supporting UNIFY.ORG for the next year to help protect, restore and LOVE Our Water Resources! JOIN US TODAY…

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“# WE LOVE WATER”  ~GABRIEL    Help Us Live TomorrowTODAY  2M2D

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