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  Everything in the Universe exists through relationship. Light and dark, spheres and angles, Masculine and Feminine. We are held in a dynamic balance of polarities and when we honor these unique qualities of opposites and are able to view them as complementary partners in a Divine and harmonious dance, we are able to use [...]

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A New Mindset

“To listen is to lean in softly with a willingness to be changed by what we hear.” –Mark Nepo I believe many diseases, imbalances, and illnesses are a result of suppressed emotions that begin to manifest physically. I teach mindfulness meditation to children, teachers, and other adults as tool to help them begin to listen and [...]

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ARCOTU launches AKASHA BleauCare Global

It is the dawn of a new day brimmed in the reality that we live in a Universe filled with EnvironMENTAL Signals. The three-dimensional Newtonian paradigm has served humanity well. It has allowed us the necessary time to prepare ourselves for the journey through the passageway into Quantum Awakening. Our universe is a magical information [...]

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BrainJuice joins Project ARCOTU and partners in use of the 2M2D ARCOTU Appalachian Water Reserve technologies

After finally meeting in person during the 2016 Voice & Exit Symposium in Austin, Texas, BrainJuice founder/ formulator Sam Elick and ARCOTUfounder/ Architectural Engineer Gabriel Cavazos became instantly connected and spent a great deal of time talking about the  future of the Wholefoods #1 Neuro-Enhancement liquid formula, and the NEW ARCOTU Appalachians Water Reserves from their 2M2D TomorrowTODAY Bio-Technologies [...]

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Gratefully Accepted…

In my high schools years art was a major influence on my life and found myself drawing and painting specifically focusing in a mix media integration of watercolor & india ink. My Inner Spirit connection to this 1962 "Bent Line Grid' by Charles Gilchrist original is off the hook! It is one thing to view [...]

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An intimate moment with Charles Gilchrist…

My journey under the tutelage of Charles Leslie Gilchrist has been a conscious awakening of self-discovery and application. It is one of our main goals to make tangible coherence to for each and everyone of us to better understand the knowledge of Sacred Geometry as a Root Form of #PrimordialLanguage of Creation, and how that applies the ALL! Enjoy [...]

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Sacred Geometry 101 F Part 1: The Golden Mean with Charles Gilchrist

Understanding our connection to the Universe, Planet and the Human Body Field can be better realized by understand the Geometric Translation... #PrimordialLanguage of Sound, Vibration and Light. This information is manifest in structured form revealing the "Architecture of the Universe that is SACRED GEOMETRY. In this lesson we discover 1x1.68....... Golden Mean Proportion!

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Gabriel Cavazos in design of “The Holler”, ARCOTU Organic Outdoor Amphitheatre…

Over the past few years the vortex location of Asheville, North Carolina and its surrounding area has been calling out it's subtle energies and laws of attraction on the activities of ARCOTU (Architecture of the Universe). This has opened the doors for further growth and expansion of Project ARCOTU...  guiding me to the Blue Ridge Mountains of the Appalachian's where I was first blown away by [...]

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The Universe is EnvironMENTAL… Alternative Education of HIONS

In the wake of continued rising costs of standardized education and mounting questions as to whether or not the value upon graduation equates to earning potential probability, we are finding a shifting of interest into Alternative Home-based, Virtual Education Resources. With escalating new technologies and integrative platforms on the rise, demand for direct consumer accessed resources of not only general studies, [...]

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