ARCOTU launches AKASHA BleauCare Global

//ARCOTU launches AKASHA BleauCare Global

ARCOTU launches AKASHA BleauCare Global

It is the dawn of a new day brimmed in the reality that we live in a Universe filled with EnvironMENTAL Signals. The three-dimensional Newtonian paradigm has served humanity well. It has allowed us the necessary time to prepare ourselves for the journey through the passageway into Quantum Awakening.

Our universe is a magical information highway, directly connecting us to “THE FIELD.” This holographic construct of pure energy, sound frequency and light source transmissions uniquely integrates with the “Human Body Field” at a rate faster then the speed of light, making instantaneous exchange of primordial language possible regardless of Space/Time considerations. This amazing phenomenon has dictated a NEW PROTOCOL into the revolutionary virtual frontier and cosmic age of Information Medicine… ARCOTU is proud to announce “AKASHA BleauCare Global.”

Over the duration of the past 24 years that I have spent walking the halls at U of M Medical Center, I have come to realize that our current medical system is designed to keep people sick. It is a purely dominated conformity controlled by special interests who are continuing to deny humanity of the vastly needed considerations for a complete Whole-Health system. And as holistic healthcare practices continue to unveil more sciences and knowledge as to the human anatomy’s abilities to play significant roles in it’s own self healing attributes, we find ourselves faced with growing concerns, and a need to establish new standards… new integrative procedures and services to better meet the needs of the people.

The ineptitude of close mindedness creates disregard in our ability to embrace ALL potential, regardless of how fixed any standardized regulations may be. “To believe that we can continue to repeat the same mistakes and expect different results as Einstein stated… is without question, the definition of insanity!” And as human ailment continues to reach epidemic proportion we find ourselves at a critical crossroad. The world can no longer set back and simply place it’s trust in the hands of an outdated system that continues serve in a manner that is short of the calling. This is not to say that all allopathic methods and services are inept because they are not. It is only to say that we MUST embrace ALL potential and possibility for the good of mankind, by opening the doors to complete integration, and a full spectrum of healthcare services and education that are progressive, united and easily accessible.

We are at ground zero, rebuilding a new paradigm one step at a time through peer to peer, people to people based economics. Our current global economy is dictating the need for a sacred economic system that will allow ALL possibility to thrive! This is what AKASHA BleauCare… the first global exchange network is working towards by providing the best of both worlds, holistic & allopathic healthcare education, services, training and more… regardless of where you live, or how much income you make. Our philosophies are simple, predicated on prevention that targets getting to the root causes of illness, plus providing real solutions that call for an inspired Pro-Active direct involvement of self-education, and hands on participation in your own healthcare plan.

Our momentum is attracting doctors, practitioners, healers, scientists, educators and contributors of all walks of life who are dedicated to taking matters into their own hands. Civilization can no longer be willing to allow close-mindedness, special interests or monetary gain to be placed above the quality of life. After all… we are ALL in this together, and together we CAN establish a new and brighter future of abundant, healthy Lifestyles.

I encourage you all to stay tuned, and please subscribe to our blog. Write to us. Tell us what your needs are. Share your life situations and stories, so we can collectively meet the needs of a new day!

Thank you, #OneLoveMiracle6Frequency -gjc

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