Gratefully Accepted…

//Gratefully Accepted…

Gratefully Accepted…

In my high schools years art was a major influence on my life and found myself drawing and painting specifically focusing in a mix media integration of watercolor & india ink. My Inner Spirit connection to this 1962 “Bent Line Grid’ by Charles Gilchrist original is off the hook! It is one thing to view Charles’ masterpieces over the internet… it is completely a transformational thing to view them in the flesh. To be presented with one, is beyond!



#OneLoveMiracle6Frequency… I am humbled -gjc

“This is my first completed Mandala of 2017 (January 1st, thru February 1st) now entitled “Quantum Sun Machine.” This is a close up, wide angle view captured in our new ARCOTU work space.
Our Mother/Father SUN is THE source of all life in this solar system; sending good vibrations to all life on mother Earth!

Love and light my friends and followers!”
Namaste – Charles

Patron the ARTS: VISIT

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