Nanotechnology: A Modern Marvel or the Remembering of Ancient Wisdom?

//Nanotechnology: A Modern Marvel or the Remembering of Ancient Wisdom?

Nanotechnology: A Modern Marvel or the Remembering of Ancient Wisdom?

Will the next age make manifest our greatest dreams and gift us with optimal human and whole planet health? We are currently in the midst of the Information Age which began in 1990. The next age is expected to begin somewhere between the years 2025 and 2050, and is being coined the Nano Revolution. This new age in our evolution is akin to the Industrial Revolution, and will be based on molecular nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology is defined by Merriam­Webster as, “the science of manipulating materials on an atomic or molecular scale”. This technology, oftentimes referred to as Nanotech, works with matter that is on a nanoscale. How infinitesimal a nanoscale is can be difficult to comprehend. One nanometer is one billionth of a meter or 1/800 the thickness of a strand of human hair. When we speak of manipulating materials on this level, we must be conscious. What are some of the conscious applications of nanotechnology when we are looking to apply this to the health and wellness field?

Your body is already a master of nanotechnology. Let’s explore the infinite possibilities of what the understanding of this can do to uplift consciousness on the planet, and what the conscious use and understanding of nanotechnology can do to contribute to whole planet and optimal human health. We as humans live in two worlds at once. We live in the Newtonian world, when we observe our body as a whole. Our entire being has mass, weight and its own gravitational field. As such, our bodies as a whole operate according to classical physics, and are affected by time and space. We also live in the quantum world on a nanoscale, at the level of our cells, our DNA and our nerve impulses, which operate according to quantum mechanics and display quantum effects. When particles are reduced to a nanoscale, or are already quantified as matter on a nanoscale, they behave differently and take on new properties. They may fluoresce, have a different melting point or may react differently to light. Their electrical conductivity, chemical reactivity and magnetic permeability may change. At this nanoscale we are so small and have so little weight, that there is no gravitational field, so our cells, our DNA and our nerves, operate outside of time and space. We can ask them to remember a time when they were perfect and radiantly healthy.

As a Medical Intuitive and Energy Practitioner, I work with clients in the quantum field with respect to their biology. I talk to their cells on a nanoscale, the level at which the inherent nature of their biology is perfect. I communicate with their body, mind, Spirit and heart, connect with their DNA, their nerve impulses, and with their entire being at an atomic level, and with the elements that were present within them according to their original, Divine Blueprint. Quantum mechanics is largely intentional in nature. Where the intention goes, the energy flows. I ask, and intend, for example, that a diseased kidney at a cellular level, and even further at an atomic level, on a nanoscale, disassembles down to it’s original elements. I intend that anything that was not present according to the original Divine Blueprint for that kidney be dissipated and dissolved. I then ask and intend that the kidney reassembles or re­members itself according to its perfect, original Divine Blueprint.

While nanotechnology appears to be a fairly new science, there is evidence of the use of nanomaterials by the ancients. The gold­colored ruby glass tesserae in Roman church mosaics of the fourth to 12th centuries, 4,000 year old nanostructured Egyptian hair dyes and cosmetic pigments, ancient Maya blue paint, Damascus steel swords from as early as 300 A.D. that were forged using nanowires and nanotubes, medieval potters in Europe who used a 9th Century A.D. Mesopotamian technique for glazing pottery with nanoparticles to create copper and silver lustre, the 1,600 year old Roman chalice known as the Lycurgus cup that changes colors due to the use of nanoparticles of gold and silver in its creation, the 5,000 year old form of healing from India called Ayurveda which utilizes a nanomedicine called bhasma, not to mention the perhaps as much as 300,000 year old nano coils found in Russia, are all evidence that the ancients were nanotechnology pioneers.

As a member of ARCOTU’s 2M2D (TomorrowToday) and AKASHA BleauCare Global Vision Teams, my colleagues and I are actively exploring new biotechnologies and are invested in nanotech development. AKASHA BleauCare Global is a virtual system and whole health platform for the exchange of information on products, services, education, training, and every conceivable resource for health and wellness. We at AKASHA BleauCare Global are invested in eradicating all blocks to the availability of whole-health services for everyone on the planet, regardless of socioeconomic status. We believe in prevention, and in getting to the root cause of all disease. Treating disease solely on a Newtonian level is no longer effective. We know and are rapidly remembering our ability to self-heal on a Quantum level in body, mind and spirit, before having “to be cured”. This can and will be accomplished on a global scale only by incorporating allopathic and ancient healing technologies in a holistic way. We at ARCOTU and AKASHA BleauCare Global are committed to exploring and utilizing conscious

nanotechnologies in combination with other rediscovered ancient methods such as; Sound Frequency, Magnetics, Crystal Energy, Light Language and Intention to restructure water, which will have huge implications regarding optimal human and whole planet health. The question we consistently ask as we do this work is, could it be possible that we have devolved as a human species rather then evolved? Is the discovery, loss and our current remembering of these forgotten ancient technologies the key to unlocking the doors of limitless potential within our bodies, on our planet and throughout the cosmos? Only time and our continued conscious exploration of nanotechnologies will tell…

Chrissy Cook is a member of ARCOTU’s AKASHA BleauCare and 2M2D TomorrowTODAY Global Vision Teams, that are both actively exploring new biotechnologies and are invested in nanotech development in order to promote optimal human and whole planet health.





Chrissy Cook is a member of ARCOTU’s AKASHA BleauCare and 2M2D Global Vision Teams, that are both actively exploring new biotechnologies and are invested in nanotech development in order to promote optimal human and whole planet health. Chrissy is the Executive Director of the 501(c)3 non­profit organization, “The Center’s Helping Hand” and Executive Director of “The Sanctuary”, a Spiritual Healing Center in Connecticut that is the home of her latest project, “The Science of Peace”. Chrissy is a Modern Mystic, International Speaker, Spiritual Teacher and Best­Selling Author who writes and lectures about the Science of Spirituality. She most recently was the Keynote Speaker at the Edgar Cayce Association for Research and Enlightenment Canada’s Spiritual Awakening Weekend. Chrissy regularly connects and entrains with others on a nanoscale and practices intention­based healing with her clients both one­on­one and in groups. She is currently co­facilitating a seven week online course, “Harmonetizing Your Chakras: Unlocking the Heart of Money” which can be found on the AKASHA BleauCare website at:

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