Everything in the Universe exists through relationship. Light and dark, spheres and angles, Masculine and Feminine. We are held in a dynamic balance of polarities and when we honor these unique qualities of opposites and are able to view them as complementary partners in a Divine and harmonious dance, we are able to use these elements  to create and sustain a world in alignment with the Original Blueprint and Architecture of the Universe. In order to restore balance to our planet, both polarities must be equally honored for their unique gifts and contributions without the sense that they are in competition with or subservient to the other, but rather in Divine Partnership.

Human relationships are no different. They are designed  to be a manifestation of the highest Original Principles of balance, harmony and co-creation as a reflection of the very nature of the Cosmos.  For thousands of years now, our world has been on a trajectory of miss-creation as we have fundamentally disregarded the Feminine Principle as the Infinite Void from which everything emanates.

Most of our creations as a collective, including the concept of relationships, have stemmed from a perspective of a Masculine dominated world where we have all but forgotten the power and gifting of the Feminine Principle in all life. As a result, we are living in a world out of balance where men have objectified, exploited and undervalued women and where women manipulate, seduce and use their bodies to mislead men in order to feel value and worth. As a result, we have been programmed to accept sexual distortion and shame, warring between the sexes, and the exploitation of human life for lower self gratification and power.

When Feminine qualities such as unconditional love, infinite wisdom, intuition, grace, beauty,  joy, creativity and passion are wed in balance with structure, strategy, order, assertiveness, strength, divine directive and leadership, the qualities of the Masculine, we have opened ourselves up to the limitless possibilities of creation in harmony with Universal Law.

The time has come to bring the reconciliation of these Divine Principles one to another and we can do this powerfully through the gift of relationship. The Sacred Marriage of these Divine polarities within the Self is the foundation to healing relationships with all realms of existence, particularly between men and women. When we can heal these wounds of separation through facing our shadows in honesty, releasing our shame and guilt for past miss-creations, develop trust in ourselves and each other, surrender to love through mutual humility and vulnerability, reclaim our sexuality through true intimacy and innocence, we reveal our unbroken Sovereignty and manifest an impactful life of true abundance and service to all life!

Together as “1OVE& GRATITUDE”, we believe that the only way forward is “love true love,” a path back into the heart and unfolding the story of perfected love, guiding all back to the Feminine Principle within all and healing the wounds of the Masculine so together we can restore the Original Divine Blueprint of Humanity  and our relationship with the Earth and beyond.

We both bring with us our common careers as visionaries in the music and entertainment industry and intuitive transformational coaching in the conscious relationship evolution. We are so honored to be part of the core Vision Team at ARCOTU, AKASHA Bleau Care, dp3 Music and JGM. It is our highest joy to be serving alongside loving, surrendered and Divinely inspired Beings with such diverse and complementary gifting!

Here is to a future world where Unity and Love reign supreme and where all life is honored equally and without reserve!

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