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i am Gabriel PODCAST

I am pleased to be announcing the addition of my NEW "i am Gabriel PODCAST", powered by VSphereNOW ON the BigCtv2 Broadcasting Network, which be featured in our forthcoming redesigned website. I will focusing on the continued evolution of "Project ARCOTU", and our association with many Conscious Game Changers, Organizations and efforts of the "Renaissance [...]

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  Everything in the Universe exists through relationship. Light and dark, spheres and angles, Masculine and Feminine. We are held in a dynamic balance of polarities and when we honor these unique qualities of opposites and are able to view them as complementary partners in a Divine and harmonious dance, we are able to use [...]

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A New Mindset

“To listen is to lean in softly with a willingness to be changed by what we hear.” –Mark Nepo I believe many diseases, imbalances, and illnesses are a result of suppressed emotions that begin to manifest physically. I teach mindfulness meditation to children, teachers, and other adults as tool to help them begin to listen and [...]

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ARCOTU launches AKASHA BleauCare Global

It is the dawn of a new day brimmed in the reality that we live in a Universe filled with EnvironMENTAL Signals. The three-dimensional Newtonian paradigm has served humanity well. It has allowed us the necessary time to prepare ourselves for the journey through the passageway into Quantum Awakening. Our universe is a magical information [...]

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BrainJuice joins Project ARCOTU and partners in use of the 2M2D ARCOTU Appalachian Water Reserve technologies

After finally meeting in person during the 2016 Voice & Exit Symposium in Austin, Texas, BrainJuice founder/ formulator Sam Elick and ARCOTUfounder/ Architectural Engineer Gabriel Cavazos became instantly connected and spent a great deal of time talking about the  future of the Wholefoods #1 Neuro-Enhancement liquid formula, and the NEW ARCOTU Appalachians Water Reserves from their 2M2D TomorrowTODAY Bio-Technologies [...]

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Gratefully Accepted…

In my high schools years art was a major influence on my life and found myself drawing and painting specifically focusing in a mix media integration of watercolor & india ink. My Inner Spirit connection to this 1962 "Bent Line Grid' by Charles Gilchrist original is off the hook! It is one thing to view [...]

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An intimate moment with Charles Gilchrist…

My journey under the tutelage of Charles Leslie Gilchrist has been a conscious awakening of self-discovery and application. It is one of our main goals to make tangible coherence to for each and everyone of us to better understand the knowledge of Sacred Geometry as a Root Form of #PrimordialLanguage of Creation, and how that applies the ALL! Enjoy [...]

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