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i am Gabriel PODCAST

I am pleased to be announcing the addition of my NEW "i am Gabriel PODCAST", powered by VSphereNOW ON the BigCtv2 Broadcasting Network, which be featured in our forthcoming redesigned website. I will focusing on the continued evolution of "Project ARCOTU", and our association with many Conscious Game Changers, Organizations and efforts of the "Renaissance of Consciousness" into the NEW QUANTUM LIFESTYLE PARADIGM.

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  Everything in the Universe exists through relationship. Light and dark, spheres and angles, Masculine and Feminine. We are held in a dynamic balance of polarities and when we honor these unique qualities of opposites and are able to view them as complementary partners in a Divine and harmonious dance, we are able to use these elements  to create and sustain a world in alignment with the Original Blueprint and Architecture of the Universe. In order to restore balance to our planet, both polarities must be equally honored for their unique gifts and contributions without the sense that they are in competition with or subservient to the other, but rather in Divine Partnership. Human relationships are no different. They are designed  to be a manifestation of the highest Original Principles of balance, harmony and co-creation as a reflection of the very nature of the Cosmos.  For thousands of years now, our world has been on a trajectory of miss-creation as we have fundamentally disregarded the Feminine Principle as the Infinite Void from which everything emanates. Most of our creations as a collective, including the concept of relationships, have stemmed from a perspective of a Masculine dominated world where we have all but forgotten the power and gifting of the Feminine Principle [...]

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Nanotechnology: A Modern Marvel or the Remembering of Ancient Wisdom?

Will the next age make manifest our greatest dreams and gift us with optimal human and whole planet health? We are currently in the midst of the Information Age which began in 1990. The next age is expected to begin somewhere between the years 2025 and 2050, and is being coined the Nano Revolution. This new age in our evolution is akin to the Industrial Revolution, and will be based on molecular nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is defined by Merriam­Webster as, “the science of manipulating materials on an atomic or molecular scale”. This technology, oftentimes referred to as Nanotech, works with matter that is on a nanoscale. How infinitesimal a nanoscale is can be difficult to comprehend. One nanometer is one billionth of a meter or 1/800 the thickness of a strand of human hair. When we speak of manipulating materials on this level, we must be conscious. What are some of the conscious applications of nanotechnology when we are looking to apply this to the health and wellness field? Your body is already a master of nanotechnology. Let’s explore the infinite possibilities of what the understanding of this can do to uplift consciousness on the planet, and what the conscious use and understanding of nanotechnology can do to contribute to whole planet [...]

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A New Mindset

“To listen is to lean in softly with a willingness to be changed by what we hear.” –Mark Nepo I believe many diseases, imbalances, and illnesses are a result of suppressed emotions that begin to manifest physically. I teach mindfulness meditation to children, teachers, and other adults as tool to help them begin to listen and feel. When they are new to the practice of mindfulness, it is typical to have thoughts dominate the internal landscape. This is the nature of the mind. But when practiced over time, guided meditations, mindfulness practices, and breath work can awaken us to sensations in the body, emotions, and the beauty of present-moment awareness. Only then can we begin to become more aware of any suppressed emotions and meet them with self-compassion and non-judgment. I believe that mindfulness and meditation practices provide a path to healing ourselves from the inside out. When we can gift ourselves moments of stillness, we can begin to unleash the greatest healing gift of all, the ability to listen to our inner guidance and wisdom. We are beginning to witness a paradigm shift in our current medical system. As more and more people are seeking answers to both mental and physical ailments that prevent them from living life to the fullest, [...]

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ARCOTU launches AKASHA BleauCare Global

It is the dawn of a new day brimmed in the reality that we live in a Universe filled with EnvironMENTAL Signals. The three-dimensional Newtonian paradigm has served humanity well. It has allowed us the necessary time to prepare ourselves for the journey through the passageway into Quantum Awakening. Our universe is a magical information highway, directly connecting us to "THE FIELD." This holographic construct of pure energy, sound frequency and light source transmissions uniquely integrates with the "Human Body Field" at a rate faster then the speed of light, making instantaneous exchange of primordial language possible regardless of Space/Time considerations. This amazing phenomenon has dictated a NEW PROTOCOL into the revolutionary virtual frontier and cosmic age of Information Medicine... ARCOTU is proud to announce "AKASHA BleauCare Global." Over the duration of the past 24 years that I have spent walking the halls at U of M Medical Center, I have come to realize that our current medical system is designed to keep people sick. It is a purely dominated conformity controlled by special interests who are continuing to deny humanity of the vastly needed considerations for a complete Whole-Health system. And as holistic healthcare practices continue to unveil more sciences and knowledge as to the human anatomy's abilities to play [...]

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BrainJuice joins Project ARCOTU and partners in use of the 2M2D ARCOTU Appalachian Water Reserve technologies

After finally meeting in person during the 2016 Voice & Exit Symposium in Austin, Texas, BrainJuice founder/ formulator Sam Elick and ARCOTUfounder/ Architectural Engineer Gabriel Cavazos became instantly connected and spent a great deal of time talking about the  future of the Wholefoods #1 Neuro-Enhancement liquid formula, and the NEW ARCOTU Appalachians Water Reserves from their 2M2D TomorrowTODAY Bio-Technologies division located in the Blue Ridge Appalachians Mountains of North Carolina. Set to become the future US Headquarters of Project ARCOTU in their partnership with Appalachian Artesian Water owner Kim Taylor, the partnership has huge plan in the works to bio-design and development of this 300 plus acreage of natural wonder that possesses one of the world's purest glacier water resources. (more to come on this story soon) The two quickly realized that with current activities and clinical studies between ARCOTU Water Reserves and strategic partner Vibe Med Spa Labs in California (owned and operated by Drs. Carmelo & Aracely Plateroti) which have been yielding remarkable scientific proof and results of growing discoveries in efforts of imprinting  and infusion sciences of water. The collaboration is currently testing sound frequency, and is set to continue with further magnetic energy, crystal, monatomic gold, light language and mind-intention imprinting to develop infoceuticals and more non-invasive applications for anatomical water healing and enhancement usage in to the future of holistic health and wellness. [...]

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Gratefully Accepted…

In my high schools years art was a major influence on my life and found myself drawing and painting specifically focusing in a mix media integration of watercolor & india ink. My Inner Spirit connection to this 1962 "Bent Line Grid' by Charles Gilchrist original is off the hook! It is one thing to view Charles' masterpieces over the internet... it is completely a transformational thing to view them in the flesh. To be presented with one, is beyond!     #OneLoveMiracle6Frequency... I am humbled -gjc "This is my first completed Mandala of 2017 (January 1st, thru February 1st) now entitled "Quantum Sun Machine." This is a close up, wide angle view captured in our new ARCOTU work space. Our Mother/Father SUN is THE source of all life in this solar system; sending good vibrations to all life on mother Earth! Love and light my friends and followers!" Namaste - Charles Patron the ARTS: VISIT

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