A New Mindset

“To listen is to lean in softly with a willingness to be changed by what we hear.” –Mark Nepo I believe many diseases, imbalances, and illnesses are a result of suppressed emotions that begin to manifest physically. I teach mindfulness meditation to children, teachers, and other adults as tool to help them begin to listen and [...]

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The Universe is EnvironMENTAL… Alternative Education of HIONS

In the wake of continued rising costs of standardized education and mounting questions as to whether or not the value upon graduation equates to earning potential probability, we are finding a shifting of interest into Alternative Home-based, Virtual Education Resources. With escalating new technologies and integrative platforms on the rise, demand for direct consumer accessed resources of not only general studies, [...]

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ARCOTU and Appalachian Artesian Water form “ARCOTU Appalachian Water Reserve”

The decision to participate in 3DL Gathering 2016 in Ferguson, North Carolina turned out to be monumental. The general vibration and feeling of oneness throughout the entire weekend of the event was amazing as colleague, friend and ARCOTU Vision Team member Charles Gilchrist and I were both featured keynote speakers held workshops throughout the event. [...]

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