Gabriel Cavazos in design of “The Holler”, ARCOTU Organic Outdoor Amphitheatre…

Over the past few years the vortex location of Asheville, North Carolina and its surrounding area has been calling out it's subtle energies and laws of attraction on the activities of ARCOTU (Architecture of the Universe). This has opened the doors for further growth and expansion of Project ARCOTU...  guiding me to the Blue Ridge Mountains of the Appalachian's where I was first blown away by [...]

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ARCOTU and Appalachian Artesian Water form “ARCOTU APPALACHIAN WATER RESERVE”

The decision to participate in 3DL Gathering 2016 in Ferguson, North Carolina turned out to be monumental. The general vibration and feeling of oneness throughout the entire weekend of the event was amazing as colleague, friend and ARCOTU Vision Team member Charles Gilchrist and I were both featured keynote speakers held workshops throughout the event. But [...]

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