The Universe is EnvironMENTAL… Alternative Education of HIONS

//The Universe is EnvironMENTAL… Alternative Education of HIONS

The Universe is EnvironMENTAL… Alternative Education of HIONS

In the wake of continued rising costs of standardized education and mounting questions as to whether or not the value upon graduation equates to earning potential probability, we are finding a shifting of interest into Alternative Home-based, Virtual Education Resources. With escalating new technologies and integrative platforms on the rise, demand for direct consumer accessed resources of not only general studies, but more specialized fields of endeavor are targeting fast-track training of focused identified occupations breaking into the fold.

Carl Jung revealed that we would emerge from evolutionary man’s period of “Modern Man” into a new evolved “Super-Human” potentiality ushering in a Renaissance of Consciousness. That period is upon us now and demanding revolutionary reform of our educational system away from Newtonian yesterday. Quantum Sciences are racing to the forefront of awareness bringing about undeniable truths of discovery that can no longer be ignored. This is establishing and opening a whole NEW FRONTIER of understanding of our existence, our realities and our internal-self awareness and connection to our environment… The Holographic Field!

Natural Sciences are dictating the future of an advanced revolution into holistic understanding that has existed from the beginning time. This ancient wisdom is revealing more truths of our non-tangible realities such as Mind, Spirit and the Information Energy System of the Human Body Field that are directly connected to the Universal Cosmic Source of Life that is “The Field.”

The Universe is Mental… EnvironMENTAL to be exact. We are on the brink of discovering how to access and utilize the NEW FRONTIER of the Information Age! The ARCOTU Hyperion Institute of Natural Sciences HIONS, will house the future of conscious 2M2DTomorrowTODAY Bio-Technology development and education geared towards resolutions of an ever escalating demand to meet the challenges of Tomorrow… TODAY!

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